Generations of Craftsmanship

Express Woodturning originated 25 years ago when business owner Luke Ommundson created the business with his father. Luke is a third generation woodturner who has since continued his exceptional craftsmanship to create the business it is today. His wife Louise Ommundson also joined the business bringing with her a range of design and architectural skills to advance its technical design capabilities. The result of this joining of minds is custom made furniture not only of rare beauty, but high quality workmanship. Not only stunning results are achieved, but the product is designed to be manufactured at the most economical price to suit it's application.

Express Woodturning has since changed its name to Evostyle but still carries the history, skills and values that Express Woodturning was originally built upon. If you are wanting to know more about the business or the extensive services it provides, check out our Evostyle website here.